Acton Natural Rubber

The natural rubber used in the manufacture of ACTON shoes is first harvested from a tree called hevea found in Malaysia. We notch the trunk of the tree to make a kind of vertical channel. At the bottom of this channel, a container is placed to collect the "sap", also called "latex".

Premium natural rubber has thermal properties and optimal grip on ice that no other material can offer you:

  • Resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Very flexible, even in cold weather, and highly elastic.
  • Highly resistant to solvents and chemicals.
  • Non-conductive of heat and cold.
  • Very wear resistant. Very durable and stable.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Natural material creates little condensation.
  • Adheres to all types of surfaces, even in cold weather.
  • Provides thermal protection by keeping heat inside, even in the coldest temperatures.

No matter the model or size, ACTON boots are made from the same premium materials. ACTON neglects no point in the choice and quality of its products. We can provide and guarantee protection and comfort for all ages and at all times!

Acton triple density thermal liner (made with a minimum of 50% recycled materials)

The foot is the only heat source that can guarantee the thermal efficiency of winter boots. This is why the insulating slippers must keep this heat. To do this, the triple-density liners found in ACTON winter boots are made with materials with the best thermal properties.

They contain 100% virgin wool. These liners incorporate three materials forming a revolutionary ultra-efficient triple layer system that draws moisture away from the foot and brings it to the outside of the lining while retaining heat thanks to its reflective material, called METALTEK. Here is what these three layers consist of:


This hydrophobic inner layer absorbs, wicks and evaporates moisture to the outside very quickly and draws moisture away from the foot.


Wool breathes with your body and provides the desired level of insulation depending on the temperature. Polypropylene fiber pulls moisture away from the foot to the outer layer of METALTEK.


Thanks to its reflective properties and its tiny "pores", this outer layer of METALTEK prevents the cold from penetrating, allows the evaporation of moisture and retains body heat towards the foot.

Acton six-layer thermal liner

The ACTON IFELT+ liners also feature a draft proof tongue for the ultimate in cold weather protection. It is made of materials forming a six-layer system that is ultra-effective against the cold. The big difference with the IFELT liner is that IFELT+ contains an insulating layer of 400g ThinsulateTM surrounding the foot. In addition, there is a layer of brushed nylon for maximum comfort, a layer of insulating and very comfortable soft foam, a layer of insulating felt, polypropylene which insulates and evacuates moisture to the outside, and finally, a layer of METALTEK® which retains body heat, prevents the cold from penetrating and wicks away moisture.

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