Shoe Care


To preserve the life of your shoes (flexibility, appearance and waterproofness), it is important to keep them clean and free of debris or mud. Remove the laces, then with a soft, damp cloth, wipe off dirt and traces of calcium or salt. You can also use a soft-bristled brush and rinse lightly with water as needed.

Do not use soap. Also wipe down the outsole to remove debris to maintain traction and prevent premature deterioration.

Air dry your shoes. See drying instructions below.


If your shoes get wet, remove the laces, removable insoles, or felt pads to air dry them away from each other in a dry, ventilated place. Never place your shoes, removable insoles or felt pads too close to a heat source such as a heater or stove, as this could warp them.

For leather or synthetic chemtech material

There is no need to apply protective or waterproofing products to your shoes since leather and Chemtech are already waterproof.

IMPORTANT: NEVER USE A PRODUCT CONTAINING SILICONE. This will destroy the protective layer on the leather and may compromise the watertightness and adhesion of the sole glue.

For rubber

To keep the rubber of your shoes in good condition, simply store them in a dark environment that is neither too dry nor too humid. Product application is not necessary.

For the Eva

The shoe shell material made of EVA is fragile in the heat. By subjecting the shoes to a heat source, it results in a deformation of the latter. Light and comfortable, it deserves special care and must be stored in good conditions in order to preserve its unique characteristics. Do not dry the boots directly under the sun, or other source of hot light. Do not dry in a dryer, in front of a window, a radiator, a hair dryer or any other artificial heat source.

The markers

You can wash the felts of your boots on the delicate cycle and air dry them.

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