Can we purchase Acton products directly from your warehouse or by calling your customer service department?

Acton chose to distribute its products via specially selected well-known retailers. For that reason, we prefer not to sell our products directly to consumers. To know where you can buy Acton products in your area, consult the Store Locator section or, contact our customer service at

What are the terms of purchase on your website?

Acton allows online purchase on its website.You can review the terms of purchase here.

Are Acton products available outside Canada?

We do not have a distribution network outside Canada. However, some of our retailers have their own transactional website. We suggest you to contact them to see if there is a possibility for them to ship Acton products in your country. Consult the Store locator section to find the retailers list. 

Can we find Acton stores somewhere?

No, we do not have Acton stores. However, some of our retailers owns the “Acton Expert” banner. The “Acton Expert” retailers have a large variety of Acton styles. Also, they received a technical training, which gives them a particular expertise about Acton products. To find out if there is an “Acton Expert” in your area, check the Store locator section. 

Why am I not able to find a specific style on your Website?

  1. It can be that the number of style you are looking for does not exist anymore.
  2. It can be that this product still exists, but was just not selected to appear on our Website.

In either situation, we suggest you to send an email at Our customer service will be happy to assist you. .

Is it possible to order replacement felts and insoles?

Acton offers replacement EVA insoles and replacement felts. We suggest you to visit one of our retailers to find the component specially conceived to maximize the efficiency of your Acton boots.