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Sezzle is an online payment platform that staggers your single payment into 4, smaller and equal payments, over a period of 6 weeks, interest free. No processing fees are charged as long as each payment is made on time. You only pay for what you ordered!

To do so, select Sezzle as the payment method. Already have a Sezzle account? You can login to it directly and pay. Not registered? Create a new Sezzle account. Once the purchase is approved and the order has been completed, Yellow Shoes will ship your products as with any order. Once you are in the payment stage: you will get your payment schedule (which you will have previously approved) with the amount due and the payment dates.

Although rare, some orders may not be approved. If so, here are some things to consider when using Sezzle:

- The Sezzle system always checks that you have at least 25% of the total amount of the purchase available when the order is placed.
- Generally, Sezzle is less restrictive after an initial period of 6 weeks.
- If you have several orders with pending payments, and/or if the large part of a previous order remains to be paid, paying these amounts off increases the chances that your new order will be approved.
- Reducing the amount of your order (or dividing it into transactions of smaller amounts) can have an impact on the system to get approved
- Adding a bank card or a credit card can help the system to better assess your repayment capacity, which can favorably influence the decision.
- All orders via Sezzle are looked at individually, so if you are not approved for one purchase, this does not mean that you will not be approved for other, future purchases. Contact Sezzle:here


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