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Rubber, a natural choice

The natural rubber used to manufacture Acton® boots is extracted from a tree called the Hevea. The tree trunk is tapped to collect the «sap», also called «latex».

The superior quality natural rubber we use offers the best thermal protection and the safest grip on ice. Its exceptional properties: flexible in the cold, adherence, stable, durable, comfortable, 100% waterproof and preserving heat even in very cold weather are just a few of the many advantages of the 100% natural rubber bottom made by Acton®.

  • Resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • Very flexible, even in cold temperatures, and highly elastic.products.
  • Highly resistant to solvents and chemical
  • Non conductive of heat and cold 
  • Highly wear resistant.
  • Highly durable and stable.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Natural material creating less condensation.
  • Non-skidding on all types of surface and even in cold weather.
  • Provides thermal protection by retaining heat even under the coldest conditions.

No matter the style or the size, Acton® boots are made with the same first quality materials and Acton® never compromises on quality. We guarantee comfort and protection for all ages and in all weather conditions! 

Acton® Triple Density Liner

A lot of the heat is lost directly through the bottom of your foot. Acton® boots are built with several insoles, each serving a specific purpose waterproofing, thermal insulation or absorption. Furthermore, ACTON® winter boots are made of natural rubber of superior quality offering thermal insulation, great flexibility, adherent outsoles and 100% waterproof.

The Acton® 's triple density insulation liner contain 100% virgin wool. It is made of three complementary materials which create a revolutionary system "triple-layered", ultra-efficient. Here are those three materials:

    Absorbs and quickly evacuates moisture toward outside.
    Provides the desired comfort and insulation while evacuating dampness to the outside.
    Thanks to its reflective properties and tiny pores, it retains body heat, prevents the cold from penetrating and lets moisture out.



The Acton® FELT liner is made of materials which make-up a five layers system that is very effective against cold weather. .


The Acton® IFELT+ liners include a cold shield tongue for an ultimate cold protection. Acton® IFELT+ liner is made of materials which make-up a six lyers system that is ultra effective against cold weather.1. A brushed nylon will provides you an ultimate comfort. 2. A cushioned foam very insulating and comfortable. 3. 400g Thinsulate Ultra™ insulation surrounding the foot. 4.Felt layer for greater insulation. 5. Polypropylene that insulates and evecuates moisture towards outside. 6. Metaltek® that retains body heat, prevents the cold from penetrating and lets moisture out. .




Each Acton® winter boot style is attributed a comfort zone. The following comfort zones were scientifically determined by an independent laboratory (the Textile Technology Center) based on the number of thermal units (B.T.U.), and thereby will meet your specific needs. Factors such as the person’s physical condition, the type of activity and its duration, the humidity level and fit may affect comfort..